Thrive Journey

  • How do we live a fulfilling life?
    I asked myself this question and was suprised at how simple the solution was.
    Taking the time to think about how you’re living your life is essential for your own happiness and those around you. So then how do I thrive? By making a change and attaching meaning to all actions i take, no matter how small. Pulling oneself from the daily fast paced or lazy routine is no easy task as we have conditioned ourselves that way. So i hope i am an inspiration to you as you decide how you will rise up and get on the Charged life train. 

Taking time for You

    • It makes us quite the brain therefore reducing stress.
    • Taking the time to think clearly leads to well thought out decisions.
    • Taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness creates a feeling of self love
    • We’ve all heard the saying that charity begins at home. When we are in a good place emotionally, not only do we feel good, you automatically transmit good feelings to others. It’s what maintains healthy relationships at home,work and the community.
  • “We are all great. No matter if you think you’re dumb, fat, been bullied, we all have greatness. You gotta find the courage. It’s going to be hard work, discipline, and the non-cognitive skills – hard work, dedication, sacrifice – that will set you apart.” 

    -David goggings

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